Did the hints help?

Hello there you are probally here because you want to beat the very top high score or at least get better at the game, well you are in luck!


First off, make sure your arrow keys work.



there are 3 power ups in the game


The sheild protects you against all obstacles once EXCEPT for crashing into walls! (they are your best friends!)


the magnet pulls in any nearby gems for a short period of time.


Lastly when the bar on the bottom left hand corner is full you go into a super fast mode for a short period of time and dont take damage from anything except for walls.


Note: while the speed may seem great when you exit the mode you have to be ready for any upcoming obstacles. 

Any gems you collect while in the fast mode DON'T count towards extra extra fuel for the bar.

The meter is empty after you exit the mode.


avoiding obstacles is the KEY to getting a high score as well as collecting gems

Quick reflexes are also key to get past obstacles

gems may be misleading and point you in the direction of a hard obstacle or the wall


Walls Are INSTA lose  if you fly into them, there can be anywhere from 1,2 spaces and the normal 3.


IF you have a shield and have the base 2 hp (2 hearts) you can take up to 2 damage before you lose :D


Finally the score is how far you got + the gems you collected!


Im 3rd place in the leader board with a score of 6088!

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And one more thing i forgot to add to this, and yes i know its been a long time :P


IF you complete the super fast mode and you are at 1 HP you gain the one you lost back.

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